PETNET Solutions Australia Pty Ltd has secured a supplier agreement with Auckland’s first private PET-CT service, Mercy PET-CT with the first shipment of FDG delivered last month.

Mercy PET-CT, collaboration between Sonic Healthcare New Zealand and Integrated Hospital, provides a private diagnostic option for cancer patients requiring a PET-CT scan, and avoids the need for patients and their families to travel out of Auckland, often to Australia, to access this technology.

“We have already had strong demand for the service and have been building up patient numbers gradually to ensure the centre works smoothly. We anticipate being able to fill all available appointments within a very short space of time,” comments Mercy PET-CT CEO Mr. Andrew Wickers.

“Hundreds of cancer patients per year will benefit from local access to this next generation diagnostic tool,” he said.

The new facility is close to services treating cancer including radiology, radiotherapy, laboratory, consulting suites, chemotherapy and pharmacy, and has ample parking for patients. The location of the PET-CT centre on the MercyAscot site at Epsom allows an effective synergy with oncologists and Auckland Radiation Oncology to provide a complete care process for private patients.

The new 230m2, purpose-built facility at MercyAscot’s Mountain Road, Epsom site operates a Siemens Biograph mCT, – a new generation dual modality imaging device and the only one of its kind in NZ. Mercy PET-CT has a full compliment of staff, including nuclear medicine technologists and radiology specialists in this field.

The centre expects to scan approximately 1000 patients a year initially, rising over time. Mr. Wickers says the new Mercy PET-CT centre will treat mainly cancer patients but there may be applications for use in neurological and other disorders.

According to John Hodder, General Manager, PETNET Solutions Australia, the logistics of production, freight, customs and transport are coordinated between PETNET Solutions, UTI (PETNET Solutions’ supply chain management partner) and Qantas.

“We’re pleased to report delivery of FDG to the MercyAscot site occurs by lunch-time, leaving a full half-day for scanning,” he said.

PETNET Solutions is proud to partner with MERCY PET-CT in this new service that is so important for the patients.