When John Hodder, PETNET Solutions General Manager, heard about 9 year old cancer survivor Jayde Bell he was immediately taken by her story.

Jayde started her own foundation, called Linking the Links, last year after being diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a malignant brain tumour, in September 2007. The aim of the foundation is to raise funds for a much-needed PET scanner for Sydney Children’s Hospital. During her illness, Jayde was treated at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick but because of a lack of a PET camera at the hospital, had to travel to Westmead Hospital to use its PET scanner.

It was during this time and the issues of having to travel to and from Westmead that Jayde decided to make it her mission to raise money to buy a PET camera for the Children’s Hospital at Randwick. “When I heard that there was no money to buy a PET camera for the hospital I decided that I would raise the money myself,” said Jayde. “I didn’t want other sick people to have to go what I went through in order to get a PET scan.”

According to John, after hearing of Jayde’s plight and her foundation, he contacted her and was instantaneously amazed by her enthusiasm. “I admire Jayde and her ability to turn a life threatening situation into a positive experience. Her determination to make a difference to others facing a similar situation is truly inspirational,” John said.

PETNET Solutions recently donated $1,500 to the Linking the Links Foundation. You too can make a difference to help realise Jayde’s dream. To support her foundation go to www.linkingthelinks.org. Jayde’s foundation was born out of adversity, however the willpower that helped Jayde through 9 and a half months of chemotherapy and 30 days of radiotherapy as well as operations is what has driven her and caused others to get on board and help her.