Advancing Molecular Imaging

The world’s need for radiopharmaceuticals is growing steadily. The key to growth and greater utilisation of molecular imaging is the development of new and more specific biomarkers. At PETTECH Solutions, we consider this to be the next step in expanding molecular diagnostics from research to patient care.

That’s why PETTECH Solutions is collaborating with some of the world’s leading research organisations to develop specific molecular biomarkers that will allow medical specialists to treat the individual rather than the illness alone. We are about to enter an era of extraordinary change where these new biomarkers will expand the boundaries of molecular imaging and lead us to the promise of personalised medicine.

Delivery of PET Biomarkers

On time and reliable delivery of high quality PET imaging biomarkers is essential for the successful operation of a PET practice. Our twin cyclotron facility with duplication of quality systems and processes is designed to guarantee dose delivery of molecular imaging biomarkers to hospitals, clinics, and research facilities. The current DIFOT (delivery in full on time) is currently 99.8%.

PETTECH Solutions will guarantee on time delivery to hospitals and their patients.

We will deliver to the following locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart.

Quality Assurance

PETTECH Solutions delivers high quality PET radiopharmaceuticals. Every dose distributed by PETTECH Solutions will be guaranteed to meet with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products (complies with the current code of GMP).

In Australia, manufacture of all radiopharmaceuticals is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). PETTECH Solutions currently holds a licence to manufacture Therapeutic Goods issued by the TGA and manufactures under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions.

Additionally, patients can be assured of the quality of PETTECH products as PETTECH is the only commercial supplier in Australia to have obtained an Aust R registration for 18F FDG (fludeoxyglucose). Patients can be confident that product quality and purity is maintained right from production to labelled expiration time as the products comply with all relevant Commonwealth and State regulations.

Quality Assurance System

The production of short-lived positron-emitting radiopharmaceuticals is a multi-step process that includes isotope production, radiochemical synthesis, purification, and quality control, as well as preparing the dose for delivery to your facility.

Our radiopharmaceutical production quality assurance system offers you a quality dose coupled with safety measures and on-time delivery.

People Make it Happen

PETTECH Solutions have highly intelligent and motivated Scientists who work each and every day in the reliable production of F18 FDG. The PETTECH staff work closely with their customers to ensure the supply of F18 FDG so they can safely and confidently conduct PET scans on each patient. PETTECH Solutions also works closely with the Nuclear Medicine Physicians and PET facilities to assist in the continuing education of referring doctors in the latest information regarding PET.


Every day we’re busily developing cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We’re pushing ahead to realise visions and set new standards.

We’re looking for people who have the drive and the ambition to become part of an advanced team of professionals. For those who join us, the possibilities are endless. Especially for ambitious, highly motivated and outstanding personalities.

There are currently no vacancies.

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